UMF Celebrates the Dedication of the Theodora J. Kalikow Education Center

The Farmington spirit was alive and well before I ever showed up, but I think my contribution was to recognize the college’s strength and goodness and to make sure that everybody here got the picture too, so we could work together, to make it better, to take care of the students.  The faculty and staff that we attracted and kept here had that commitment to excellence and pride in their learning community, and gradually, over time, the reputation of UMF in the big world came closer to matching the reality of what we created together here in Western Maine.            

–UMF President Theo Kalikow, April 26, 2016

Today, the College of Education, Health and Rehabilitation joined the entire UMF community, alumni, former faculty and staff, and members of the Farmington community, in celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of President Emeritus Theo Kalikow during the renaming of the Education Center as the Theodora J. Kalikow Education Center.

Although the weather was snowy and cold for most of the day, the skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for the ceremony and celebration. During her 18 year tenure at UMF, President Kalikow maintained a strong commitment to both our Education Programs and environmental sustainability, and led the university in campaigning for, designing and building the LEED-certified Education Center.

Thank you, President Kalikow, for investing so much passion, energy and heart into our community–you are truly an inspiration to all of us and a model for being agents of change!

Interested in watching the video recording of the dedication ceremony?  Follow this link for the Livestream recording.

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