Insights from Senior Katie Joseph about Plimoth Plantation Summer Internship

katie josephGuest Author:  Katie Joseph, UMF Senior, Secondary Social Studies Major

This summer I am working in the Education Department at Plimoth Plantation. I get the opportunity to wear many hats throughout my work here. My days are mostly occupied IMG_1056
by the camp that is run by the museum. Working at the camp is particularly exciting because I have plenty of opportunities to geek out with the kids and soak in all that this great place has to offer. I’ve played 17th century games, cooked like a pilgrim, dobbed a house that is being fixed, and explored the sites thoroughly.

I also wear my educator hat at times as well. I’ve research, created, and implemented lessons to help the campers learn more about their pilgrim counterparts. I’m currently working on a series of interdisciplinry lessons to help a variety of class subjects use the story of Plimoth Plantation to access different topics. My special education minor isIMG_1188 not laying around unused as I am also creating a prototype museum guide for families with children who have disabilities. An experience like this wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t push me out of my comfort zone at least a little. My fellow interns and I are going to propose the exhibit and programs to accompany Plimoth’s bees, and help conserve these important little pollinators. It may have taken the pilgrims some time to adjust to their new environment, but I have found myself right at home.

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